What is a Superset? Everything you need to know to add a superset to your workout with Beast.


In your training life you must have heard at least once the word superset. It’s often surrounded with an aura of magical powers, like it’s the definitive solution to weak gainz.

But what is really a Superset? And how do I incorporate it in my workout routine?

From stack.com: “A superset is a training method that calls for performing a full set of an exercise to completion, then performing a set of a different exercise to completion without a break between them. After you complete one set of both exercises, you enter a rest period.”

The concept of superset was first publicized by Joe Weider, who’s considered the father of modern bodybuilding and introduced the principle as one of the training principles that he believed led to superior results.

Supersets are useful for a couple of reasons; they help differentiate your workout avoiding adaptation, doing more reps without resting will add a component of cardio and you’ll burn more calories, finally supersets allow to combine an exercise that works an agonist muscle with one that works an antagonist muscle.

Beast can track also supersets in an easy way, the feature is not available from the “workout on the go” mode but it can be planned on a workout from the web portal and sent to the app.

How do I do it? Access the web portal with your credentials and go to “Plan Workouts”.

You have to alternate exercises, for example:


Lat Pull Down


Lat Pull Down

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 3.17.04 PM

Then when you get  to the gym for your workout; click ‘Start Workout’ do your first 10 reps at 135, click the circle to stop the counting, then change weight on your rack, and in the app change the load to the next weight, click ‘Start’ again and go, repeat throughout the rest of your sets.

The app will count all the reps with the weight designation and in the Web Portal you can analyze the data and see the breakdown of the reps at each weight. Very nifty and easy way to get your workouts scheduled so all you have to do is tap the screen to start in app.

Click this link to learn more tricks and tips when creating your workouts and managing supersets #knowyourbeast


by tommyrondi

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