Weakness is a choice

There are no buildings without foundations. Maybe you can put some bricks together and obtain a wall, but you cannot expect it to last over time and become your home. When talking about physical activity, strength is your foundation. It doesn’t matter which discipline you come from,if you are an athlete, a fitness lover, if you are young or old, a man or a woman.

Everybody should do strength training, but it doesn’t happen! Why? Working as a personal trainer in many popular fitness centers in Milan, with people of all ages, with different stories and enduring different kinds of injuries, I know that the reason is that strength training scares people. They are scared even just watching somebody lift heavy loads. Most people think that because I am an instructor, I was born strong. The truth is that if you do nothing to be strong, you automatically make the decision to be weak, it is your choice!

Why strength training is so important:

  1. It unleashes a range of physiological events, like hormones stimulation and neurological activation, that result in a higher contractile capacity and contractile efficiency of the muscles; an increase in density and mineral content of the bones; higher density of the connective and collagen tissues. It makes you healthy!!
  2. It brings you to the next level. If you want to go faster with your car, you need a more powerful motor. Even if you are an endurance athlete. There are several studies that demonstrate that strength training can improve endurance performances due to a better Work Economy and a higher Lactate and Ventilatory Threshold, consequently it leads to a decreased Time of Exhaustation of the muscles.
  3. By doing strict strength work you’re not stimulating hypertrophy, so women can stop being afraid of becoming Schwarzenegger’s little sister.
  4. Lifting heavy loads make you feel more confident. When you are standing in front of your loaded barbell, and you are about to lift your new RM, you feel excited and scared at the same time. Then, as soon as the lift is done, you’ll start thinking that you are not so bad and you’ll want more!


Martina Marson

by Martina Marson

From kick boxing to free style wrestling, through functional and strength training. Beast Sensor addicted. Training is my job, my passion and my life.