Beast visit CONI’s training facility in Rome

The last two days were great for our team!

We met some friends in Rome that are supporting our project:

Ellio Locatelli, technical Consultant for CONI

Loren Seagrave, Director Speed & Movement and Track & Field and Cross Country, IMG Academy.

Beast helped their Olympic Athletes preparing for the Golden Gala track and field competition in Rome.

The first day coaches and athletes could track their workout sessions straight on the field in the beautiful Stadio dei Marmi, right next to the CONI headquarters. Beast was used to track force and ground contact time during plyometrics and jumping exercises.

The second day we moved to the weight room for some classic olympic lifts and Beast could track the speed and power output of the exercises.

Loren gave us great feedback about the project and how Beast helped them during the workouts. He also gave us some hints on the latest features about Jumping Exercises that we will for sure include in the first beta version of Beast coming out late July !

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