Updated, Reloaded and Replenished! Beast Strength 2.3.0


Just like in the weight room, there’s always room for improvement. Beast has upgraded the App for a greater lifting experience!

While the core elements remain the same, new features, widgets and training modalities have been introduced taking Beast to a higher level by emphasizing on Velocity Based Training.

We have taken into consideration the suggestions and feedbacks from every user and working together with strength and conditioning coaches, athletes and of course the developers, Beast Strength 2.3.0 has been released for both iOS and Android users.


Let’s break it down:

Velocity / Power Training ModesYou’re now able to choose between Velocity and Power training modalities.

In order to track your progress, an “on the go” kind of way, select Power and during your workout, you’ll be able to analyze each set rep by rep, have a full analysis of each set, the weekly average, in Watts, that you are lifting, the weekly tonnage and a summary of your history.

Or if you would like, you can set Velocity in order to optimize your workout with VBT and hit the training goal you’re pursuing. You will be able to find out the mean velocity (M/S) you’re obtaining from each set, and have an overview of each individual rep from each set as well as your workout history.

Velocity Training Mode:


Set a velocity target according to a specific goal



12-newappWhile working out, all reps below the target speed will be highlighted with a dark yellow color and the sound will be lower than usual, providing a live feedback on your performance. In this way you can control velocity loss.

Or without setting a specific goal, use the new VBT widget indicator to see the range you’re working at and check out the speed parameter you’re hitting after each set.

Take the most out of your VBT and analyze the average speed of every rep. Check out your consistency, the velocity loss or any peaks during your performance.


Power Training Mode:

Along with Velocity, Power is a key metric to evaluate and compare when lifting.

Get a deeper insight on your Power in order to maintain the optimal performance throughout the exercise set by set. Review your average performance and how it may vary on a weekly basis.

With these metrics along with the tonnage, Power mode will help you monitor your improvements for each exercise or to recognize the first symptoms of over-training.


Note: live feedback will be provided in the chosen modality for the workout.

Optimize your workout, review your results and have fun with it!

12.-Share-SocialsBecause a picture is worth a thousand words, acknowledge your workout and summarize it with a picture.

You can now share your workouts on socials, show off your sweat and be an inspiration for your friends!

A list of the performed exercises will be displayed along with your results on the average power, total reps performed, tonnage and workout duration.

In order to create a better experience in the weight room for yourself, Beast Development Team is working everyday on improving the accuracy and precision of the algorithms.

So how about you stop reading this blog post and put your glutes to work!

Stay tuned, greater things are coming!

Note: For Android users the “Share” feature will be available in the upcoming days.


by karenm

  • Enrique Albert

    Great change!!!!
    Could be able to see our 1RM of the day?

    • You’re able to set a velocity target which enables you to adjust your load according to your speed objective and identify your 1RM.
      If you write to support@beast-technologies.com we can send you an Excel with an automated formula to get your 1RM
      Keep us updated about your results!

      Beast Team

  • Is it possible to review data in the app and not only on the web portal after sending? Or perhaps edit/continue a workout after you send it?

    • Yes, there is some data that you can review from the App. with the summary of your workout in the “Share to Socials” feature (average power, total of reps, total of tons and workout duration). However, to analyse the workout in detail, you have to visit the Web Portal for the detailed values. Here, you can see detailed charts, graphs and analytics related to your workout.
      It is not possible to edit/continue a workout once you saved it. We thank you for your feedback and we will forward it to our developers so they can review this matter.

      Beast Team

  • ironspud

    Can the sensor calculate velocity loss in order to effectively end a set at a given RPE, notified by a “beep” or some other method? If not, is the code open source (as an EE, I bought a Raspberry Pi Zero and an IMU to do this but it would be much easier just to add code to something that already works)? I’m terrible at knowing how many reps I am from failure and this would be a great tool.

    • Yes, there is a way to program velocity loss in your workout. Select the Training goal and set the Target Velocity you need to be working at from the VBT widget on the ‘Beast Strength’ app. Once you drop below this velocity, the reps marked by the App will automatically be of a darker yellow.
      When you see the reps dropping below your target speed, stop the set and start your rest time.

      The optimal velocity loss for athletes is 20%. You should target a velocity loss of 20% to get the best results.

      We will be releasing more information on how to choose the Optimal Load and Optimal Number of Reps in the coming weeks. Follow our socials for more on this!

      Beast Team

      • G Singh

        is there a way the app can tell me when im at a 2 rep max or when i can potentially do one more rep?

        • G Singh

          basically i want to train to a set with one rep shy from an actual max. (bulgarian style)

          • Tommaso Finadri

            you have to use Minimum Velocity Threshold for that. Basically MVT is the speed at which you can make your 1RM, or as well your last rep before failure. The further you are from that, the more reps you have left in the tank.


            Squat MVT is usually around 0.3 m/s. If your last rep in a set is 0.35 then you are very close to failure, instead you still have a lot if you’re rep is around 0.6 m/s.
            This is explained in the Exertion Table by M.Jovanovic for example.

            Very roughly you can say that you have 2 reps left for the squat when you’re speed is around 0.35 – 0.30 m/s.

  • Harald

    How do I use the beast with advanced training methods such as drop sets, super sets, rest-pause sets etc ?

  • kostas kottis

    when the update that you show at pro tutorial videos will be ready?

  • Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD

    Hi all. I just purchased the sensor, and the first time I slid the power button on it broke. Now I can’t turn the unit off (which will obviously decrease the battery life). I emailed customer service immediately, and got an email that said they respond to 92% of their customer inquiries within 24 hours. It’s been 3 days and I’ve had no follow-up at all…not happy.

    • Tim Ziegenfuss, PhD

      UPDATE: I received an email today (actually a notification) that a new replacement sensor was on the way. Solid move, guys. Thank you! Hopefully this one works better than the first one. 😉

  • Damien Bateman


    I have purchased one of these and emailed you in relation to returning the item. Please respond to my email accordingly for return. I am very concerned about the after sales service with this product!