Tracking Unilateral Exercises


What does “unilateral exercise” mean, while training?

All the muscles are different, not only because of the way you train them, but also because of everything you do in your daily life.
According to this, different muscles have different performances and there’s no way to match the gap but focusing on those differences and working specifically on it.
Let’s make an example: in the exercises that you perform with dumbbells, in which you can alternate the executions with the left or the right, your arms will work independently from each other even if they’re working contemporary.
Beast allows you to track the exercise focusing on the specific arm/leg that you’re using to workout, pointing out where and how the one is different from the other.

What is the importance of analyzing unilateral exercises?

The unilateral approach is strictly connected with the independence of limbs.
This concept is crucial because if the limbs workout independently, they also gain differently and the performances could be different even if the training session is the same.
What is important to point out is that if you want to perform at your best, you have to reach the maximum in everything that concerns that specific exercise: if you want to upgrade your squat, you need to have both your legs at the top.
In the following pictures we can see two sets of lunges with barbell. The graphic reports the analytical information of the first two reps, starting with the right leg. The second picture point out the average speed of all the rep thanks to how the Beast sensor calculate those parameters.




We set “speed” as the key parameter of the session and as we can see there are concrete and significant differences between the two legs: according to the average speed value of every rep, right leg is 20% faster than the other one.
We can easily understand that this difference could be very important if you’re training to upgrade your achievements. You can’t break your limits if one of the two “motors” is 20% less performing than the other one, and if you keep on training both the limbs in the same way, you’ll never match this gap.
This is one of the several reasons why technologies have to support and help our life, from web-chatting with your friend at the opposite side of the world, to your everyday routine in the weight room.


by alberto.finadri

Sales Consultant and Marketing specialist. I do Crossfit since 2012 but i've played soccer and I skied in competitive categories.

  • Dana

    Is there any way to track ALTERNATING unilateral exercises?

    • alberto.finadri

      Hello Dana,

      Yes, you just have to select the limbs whereby your performing.
      Another way could be tracking in a unilateral mode, starting with the right foot (for example) and from that moment on, every despair rep will be the right one, and you’ll be able to compare the different performances of the differents arms (or legs as well)