This 17-year-old Girl Can Lift More Than You


Last week a video of a girl deadlifting 189 KGs became viral on the web.
Lee Winroth is a young Swedish soccer player, only 17-year-old and in this video she lifted nearly 3 times her bodyweight.

What’s amazing is that if this had been a powerlifting competition regularly sectioned it would surpass the current world record (175kg), which is held by a high schooler who is several kilograms heavier. While Winroth official PR is 170 kg, completed in a competition earlier this year.

Beside lifting heavy Winroth is a start soccer player competing in Sweden’s second division in one of the best teams of the league with promising results. As the youngest player on the team she came off the bench to play attack in all the 8 games she played this year.

She was quoted saying that she lifts to get stronger and more explosive, underlying the importance of lifting for team sports like soccer.

Funny side is all the swearing in English used to celebrate her world class PR 😉


by tommyrondi

Huge fan of the Beast Sensor, I have been involved with sports all my life, first as an athlete and later as a coach. I worked as alpine skiing coach for four years and played in the Italian national lacrosse team. "work hard, play hard"