The Data Behind The Beast


Don’t judge athletes by their muscles but by their numbers

How can you measure, adjust and compare performance without tangible data?

The traditional “pen, paper and chronometer” method might have worked till a few decades ago. However, owing to the increasing competitiveness of athletes all over the world today, World Records in speed and strength are broken every Olympic Games and major competitions.

This is possible due to the improvement of training methods and technologies which allow each athlete to personalize their training and adapt to the conditions that a specific discipline requires.

The relentless effort put into training inside the gym directly manifests in the performance of every athlete, whether it is on the field, court or pitch.

The same parameter applies to gym goers, weight enthusiasts, CrossFit lovers and anyone with a gym-subscription determined to achieve their goals of becoming a better, stronger and healthier version of themselves.

This is what inspires the Beast Team to work in tandem with the needs of the user to provide a better training experience. Our goal is to support every individual willing to partake in this difficult yet fruitful journey of self-improvement.  This is one of the most crucial factors that the Beast Team implements every day in the development of the Beast Strength App.

Our foremost priority is the optimization of the data management to improve data accuracy.

At Beast, we understand the importance of the data that the metrics and live feedback provides to the athlete.

2017-06-06_181436You can take for granted that while you are working out with the Sensor to optimize your training, the Beast developers’ daily WOD is handling the algorithm to deliver better and more accurate results while taking the data metrics to another level.

Moreover, we have a new Data Scientist in our Team. An Aerospace Engineer with a Major in Aerodynamics. His main focus is optimizing the accuracy so that our algorithms can ensure absolute precision in terms of data output.

Soft changes with radical improvements in the algorithms will be released in the coming months. Stay tuned!


by karenm