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The Data Behind The Beast

Don’t judge athletes by their muscles but by their numbers How can you measure, adjust and compare performance without tangible data? The traditional “pen, paper and chronometer” method might have worked till a few decades ago. However, owing to the increasing competitiveness of athletes all over the world today, World Records in speed and strength […]

Science in Sports


Every day people ask me if strength trackers are really useful, and what are the effects of their implementation in daily training sessions and over time. I usually talk about my experience as an athlete and trainer, on how I use Beast and the results I have reached. But I understand that the case of a […]

Science in Sports

How Wearable Strength Trackers will change Strength and Conditioning

Recently I landed again on this video by Harvard Innovation Lab where a board of popular and successful athletes discusses how modern wearable technologies will open new boundaries and change the world of sports. Too often we end up thinking about Training in terms of applying a rigid scheme of numbers and percentages. What is often forgotten […]

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How Wearable Technologies Helped the US Women’s Soccer Team Win the World Cup

The US women’s national team (USWNT) recently won the soccer world cup in Canada defeating Japan in the final and by dominating each game they played. Behind every world-class team there is a team of coaches and trainers dedicated to keeping players healthy through the whole period of competition, to help this highly trained professionals […]