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How to ​improve your vertical jump

You probably will never reach James’s impressive scores but you can increase your vertical leap with few exercises and some constancy. Having strong vertical jump skills could be very important to you, even if you don’t partecipate in a sport that requires leaping ability like basketball or volleyball. In order to increase your vertical jumps you […]

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Idea: Acceleration Based Training vs Velocity Based Training

With the latest advance in technology we hear more and more about Velocity Based Training and how to pick loads and repetitions on the speed of movement. Actually, early in the 80’s Linear Position Transducers (LPT) were used by researchers in Europe and Russia to measure speed and power of the repetitions. The italian Carmelo Bosco (PhD) was among the first to elaborate […]

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Explosive Training : a guide to understand Rate of Force Development and how to increase it

Rate of force development (RFD) is merely a change in force with time. The change in force over time can be expressed either as an equation: difference of Force / difference of time between two given instants or plotted on a graph with F on the y-axis and t on the x-axis. Therefore it is the slope of the Force Time curve. […]

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Plyometrics: Learn To Jump Higher

Plyometrics refers to jumps training, it enhance traits like explosiveness, power and body control. Plyometrics involves a wide variety of muscles teaching you how to move all your body more aggressively and quickly. There are many different exercises to train jumps, the most common are box jumps, broad jumps and vertical jumps since they are […]