Teams can now create training stations with Beast Strength Pack

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Some crispy news for our Pro users, aka old and new owners of Beast Strength Pack! We’ve just introduced some features that will help you managing easier your athletes in a team environment.

You can now configure the Beast sensor in the weight room in order to track training stations, by associating to each training station (e.g. squat, bench press, etc) one single smartphone and one single sensor. Each athlete of the “training pack” can select his own profile with one tap on the screen to let the app know he is about to perform an exercise when approaching a training station, then perform a set, and then move to next station.

This solution has been built to optimise rotation in a team environment, by minimising time and effort required both by athletes and coaches in order to view and log his training data while participating the session.


NOTE: this update is now available for iOS users, and is under development for Android smartphones

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  • Abram Arwood

    No point worrying about reading this blog. They’ll never get back to you about your faulty sensor. Waste of money