Beast Revolution: Beast 2.0 App is now online


After months of hard work and development, we are pleased to finally announce the release of Beast 2.0 App. As we wrote on our blog earlier we released to the public the structural improvements to our system that guarantee a new user experience for all our athletes and trainers.

What are the changes?

Besides the technical improvements to the app, the system’s usability has been completely redesigned; including optimisation of our algorithms, as well as optimisation of the web portal. After having listened to numerous feedback from our users, our goal is to give you the fastest and most satisfying workout experience.

The usability is developed and designed with the help of professional athletes from around the world. Thanks to the new ease of use, there are less taps to get the desired workout specifications, as well as added tutorials and tips, to optimize the workout. The experience in the gym will become more effective and fun for each individual while continuing to improve their performance

The web portal is undergoing an improvement process too, in the short time you will find out it is faster and easier to use for planning your workouts – soon a new look & feel will be available.

Certain features on our current application (such as 1RM, data about rate of Force Development, like starting strength, index of explosive strength, maximum rate of force development, and explosive Strength Deficit) are disabled and will be reintroduced in the coming months. The reintroduction of these data points will have a dedicated widget to make the reading of data more effective and understandable.

How will these changes help you?

Whether you are training professionally or not, Beast now is the ideal tool for every need and can provide you with scientifically validated data while being easy to use at the same time thanks to the suggestions derived from real workouts from each customer.

The update of our training algorithms by introducing VBT (Velocity Based Training) brings real benefits: based on your usage, weight, and goals, Beast is able to adapt to your personal needs. Rep after rep giving you more precise suggestions on where and how you can improve your personal performance in the gym.

Why the changes?

The most important decision was to make Beast an OPEN ecosystem, giving you more insights and vision before the purchase. You will now be able to look at the app and web portal. We believe this is important and will help new customers best approach Beast, but as well our existing customers who have already given us their confidence in the development path of our product.

Pricing update

Another decision taken due to feedback received from our global customers who currently use Beast today was to full absorb the cost of postage and standardising the price in all regions of the world, while still providing the highest quality in shipments and support with our historic partner in DHL. This option will allow our customers, both current and potential, the opportunity to simplify the purchasing process and allows us to reach our customers in the more distant parts of the world!

All you have to do now is download the new application and try it out! As always we are open to hear about your experience using Beast and hope that these improvements will help you and give you the tools to achieve perfection in your workouts while using BEAST!


Beast Team

by Beast Team

Beast Team is made of aerospace engineers, strength and conditioning coaches and sport enthusiasts who are passionate about technology and its applications to sport and fitness.