Quick chat with Jamie Bowie – Scotland Athletics

For our series of interviews to great athletes and strength and conditioning professionals we reached to Jamie Bowie, Scottish 400m runner who was introduced to Beast by his coach and ex-olympian Piotr Haczek.

Q: Hi Jamie, it’s nice of you to take the time of answering these questions. You have been competing on the world athletics stage in the last few years, what were your achievements? What are your ambitions for the future?

In 2011 I was part of the British team that won gold at the European Under 23 Championships in 4x400m relay, then in 2013 I made the British senior team for the World Championships. Earlier this year I won a silver medal in the 4x400m at the World Indoor Championships and broke the Scottish Record in the 4x400m relay at the Commonwealth Games. As 2015 approaches, I am looking forward to the indoor season where I will look to qualify for the European Indoor Championships in March and then the IAAF World Championships in August.

Q: You compete in an individual sport but you train with a team, the SCO400; what’s your relationship with your teammates? Is there competition also outside the track? How does training together fellow teammates improve performances?

I think it is really important to be part of a team, even if I compete in an individual sport – you’re only as good as the team around you. I am fortunate to have built up a really great team around me with my coach Piotr, my training partners, my physio and massage therapist.

There is some competitiveness in the training, but most of all there is a lot of cooperation.  We each have our own strengths, and when it comes to areas that I am not as strong in I work off my training partners to improve my weaknesses.

Q: What is your usual training week? How much time do you spend in the weight room?  What are the aspects you and your coach work with, while in the gym?

Training will vary depending on what time of year it is and when the next competition is. With the 400m you need to have a good combination of speed, power, endurance and strength to be successful. The training block we have just finished saw us on the track 6 days a week and in the gym 3 times per week – where the focus was about improving strength in the gym and on the track and grass it was about building a strong aerobic base. As we move onto the next block of training and closer to the indoor competitions the focus will shift towards speed and power both in the gym and on track, as well a strong emphasis on speed endurance and specific endurance on the track.


Q: You recently began using Beast to train in the weight room; without any pressure, can you tell me what were your first impressions? Do you think it is improving the quality of your training? Do you enjoy having a visual representation of you work available to you on your mobile device?

I’ve really enjoyed having the Beast accompanying me in the weight room – it gives training another dimension. We already use a lot of video analysis during and post session, and what the Beast does is give you that feedback after every single lift – you can see exactly why it was a good one or why it was a bad one. After training you can look at the data and see if you were hitting the right focus in terms of speed, power or strength. What I really like is that right there on the lifting platform you can get that instant feedback when you hit that optimal yellow zone, to know you’ve done a good lift. I am quite competitive so I have a competition with myself to try and get every lift of every exercise of every set in the optimal yellow zone.

Q: You are coached by former athletics champion Piotr Haczek. What does he think about Beast? Does it help him in planning and managing your trainings? What are his usual suggestions in the gym?


I think Piotr really enjoys being able to instantly and easily access all the data and information from our sessions. I know it has definitely shaped my training programme this year and we have done things differently. I’ve really pushed myself in the gym because we are able to accurately measure and track things there. It has challenged me positively and hopefully we will see the results in competition.

Q: Thanks again for your time, was nice to have some insights on how pro athletes train and use our product. Good Luck for your competitions and Beast it!

You can reach Jamie on his website and social media profiles.

@bowie2bowie  www.jamiebowie.com  @sco400


by tommyrondi

Huge fan of the Beast Sensor, I have been involved with sports all my life, first as an athlete and later as a coach. I worked as alpine skiing coach for four years and played in the Italian national lacrosse team. "work hard, play hard"