Q&A with Heike Beier – German pro volleyball player

We caught up with Heike Beier, German volleyball player, who recently added BEAST to her training routine. Heike started her career in Italy, playing in Serie A1 and A2, now she’s currently playing for BKS Bielsko-Biala in the Polish Seria A. She also plays for the German volleyball national team.

Q: Hi Heike, thank you for using BEAST and for taking the time to answer these questions. To introduce yourself, can you talk a little about your volleyball career and achievements?

HB: Hi, of course. I started Volleyball at 1994 in my hometown Dresden in Germany. After a lot of hard work I improved and became a professional Volleyball player in Italy 2008. I played in Italy for five years, in Rebecchi Nordmeccanica Piacenza, Cuatto Giaveno and Pomi Casalmaggiore (A2/A1). In 2013 I transferred to BKS Bielsko-Biala in Poland, where I’m currently playing. I really love this sport that’s why I play also in the summer months for the German national team. One of the biggest moment in my volleyball career was to play the final of European Championship in Germany 2013.

Q: You played in many countries in Europe. Where did you find the best training facilities?

HB: Honestly I must say that Asia is my favorite. During the summer I travel a lot and the best conditions like clean and huge gyms with a lot of different gym equipment I could find in Japan.

Q: How is the life of a pro volleyball player? What’s your daily routine?

HB: That`s different. Depending on competition mode and for which event you prepare. Usually we have two (3 hours) practice sessions during the day… after physiotherapy and sometimes also video preparation. For the readers of this article I attached also one match day during the World Grand Prix 2014.

Q: What did you think about “BEAST” the first time you used it?

HB: Beast is amazing. I came in touch the first time about my personal coach Fabio Patrito. I was surprised about the technology and the new ideas to measure your workout.

Q: Have you used any other performance measurement systems before? If yes what are the main differences you find in beast?

HB: Yes I am used to control all my activities. Before and also now I use devices to check my sleep quality and duration, my steps and jumps during the ball practice. The athletic coaches in volleyball use the bosco squat jump test to measure the reactivity and jump altitude. Also the heart rate is checked during some practices. The most important thing about Beast is the platform on internet. For me this is the main point. My personal coach Fabio Patrito is working in Italy and with the Beast platform he can check all my workouts explicitly and make changes immediately when he see deviations.

Q: Do you “know your beast” now that your monitoring your trainings? Do you think it’s helping your performances?

HB: Of course everything that changes your practices in details, leads you to optimise your workouts. Good workouts head you to the best achievements.

Q: What features of BEAST do you like most?

HB: I really appreciate that i can check my dates immediately during the workout. So I know if I have slow realisation of one exercise that should be springiness I can change the loading without continuing practice in the wrong way.

Q: How does BEAST change the relationship with your Strength and Conditioning Coach?

HB: This is a funny question because the relationship stays equal. I trust him and he trust me. This was before Beast and continues with Beast.

Q: Would you recommend BEAST to your teammates? Do you think beast could be useful also for non-professional athletes?

HB: Yes, and a lot of athletes see how it works and ask me about. I can recommend Beast in any case. Everybody who is ready to get the “honest results” of the training black on white should use Beast.

Q:Thank you Heike, from the “BEAST team”, we wish you good luck for the season!


by tommyrondi

Huge fan of the Beast Sensor, I have been involved with sports all my life, first as an athlete and later as a coach. I worked as alpine skiing coach for four years and played in the Italian national lacrosse team. "work hard, play hard"