Kaindl Athletic Systems Partners with Beast for Athlete Development


Sebastian Kaindl Owner and Head Trainer of KAS talks with Beast about how he has implemented Beast for Athlete Development within his teams, athletes, and clients! You can check out Kaidnl Athletic System here!


Sebastian Kaindl graduated from the Technische Universität in Munich, Germany with a Diploma in Sport Science. Outside of working in a Rehab Clinic for 7+ years, Sebastian has been working with athletes from various sports for over 13+ years starting in 2004. Since 2010 through his company Kaindl Athlete System, Sebastian has been working with athletes from the following sports:

  • American Football (NFL Europe, US College Division 1 NCAA, US College Division 2 NCAA, German Football League 1 and 2, German National Team, German Football League Ladies)
  • Baseball (ELB, German Baseball)
  • Basketball (JBBL, NBBL, Regionalliga)
  • Soccer (2nd & 3rd League)
  • Tennis (ATP ranked players)
  • Powerlifting (German National Team, National and Regional Record Holders IPF)
  • MMA
  • Ski Cross (Tonga National Team)
  • Bobsled (Junior National Team)

He also has previous experience as an intern with Bayern Munich Basketball and at Westside Barbell under Louie Simmons in Ohio.


Currently Sebastian is Head of Science and Education for the German National Powerlifting Association, Regional Head Coach for Powerlifting in Bavaria, and works as a consultant for PowerBar Europe. Needless to say he manages a lot of athletes and keeps himself busy and active as well as handling his own training for competitions later this year!

As an Athlete Sebastian played basketball for 8 years before ending his career due to an injury. He is currently a member of the German National Team (IPF) and has been competing as a powerlifter for 6 years.

Wow! You definitely stay busy, with all the teams that you are managing, which teams have you started to implement Beast with?

SK: Currently I am working on incorporating Beast Sensor with our American Football Players as well as our Baseball Players during their group training this offseason as they prepare for the coming season. I am also using Beast with my powerlifting crew to track and test progress and data.  

What is your personal training program and style as you train to compete in Powerlifting?

SK: My personal training program at the moment as this is far away from competition is as follows: 

Monday:  Squats, Bench, Deadlift and some Back accessories 

Tuesday: Bench, more Bench, and Upper Body accessories

Wednesday: Squats, Deadlift, and Back 

Thursday: Mobility and Stability

Friday: Belt Squats, Bench, and accessories

Saturday: Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and Back 

I like a pretty high frequency for the bench, medium high frequency on squats, and deadlifts. right now I am trying to build a base and be healthy and from December on I will shift more towards heavier training and introduce equipped lifting as in February I will compete at the Nationals. 

Beast: Since implementing Beast with the American Football and Baseball Teams what lifts or exercises are you tracking and how often do they use Beast in training?

SK: For the American Football and Baseball Players we track the lifting speeds for our main lifts and the power on our jumps. Also we will use it to regulate some of our assistance work for these groups. 

With the powerlifters I plan to use it to gauge fatigue and track improvements in lifts. I have a few other ideas but have to collect some data first to see how this works out. 

I have the Baseball and Football players using Beast in every training session and we have testing days with the Powerlifters to collect data. 

What is your training philosophy with these teams and how have you implemented elements of VBT within these programs?

The base of my philosophy is to train optimally and keep everything as objective and science based as possible. Therefore we use velocity as an objective parameter on different levels: 

  1. Daily readiness 
  2. Progress in terms of power
  3. Workload progress 

For the first point we can adjust the weight according to the speed that is goal for the day (classic VBT). This is useful especially in season or during heavy specific training periods (like minicamps in football). But also we can see how the Athlete accumulates fatigue when he or she is going through a phase of prescribed Intensities. This is especially great for powerlifters. 

For Athletes Power and different strength capabilities are important. Therefore we as coaches need to know if Athletes progress in their power output – this is part of why jump testing is used. For athletes that are required to gain weight during the offseason it is important that relative strength and power is progressing and not suffering due to weight loss. So tracking bar speed allows us to work in the right intensity zones and to see if the athlete is moving in the right direction. 

On thing that doesn’t get mentioned a lot is how the Beast Web Portal helps to track the workload of every athlete. This way we can see how everyone is progressing and also have data to show everyone without the data management. 

Beast: How has Beast help to improve your athletes workouts?

SK: The Beast Sensor gives the athletes immediate feedback and helps us as coaches to see if the planned load is correct for the athlete for that training day. Also we have an objective measure for the lifting speed and can see if everybody is performing as planned. One benefit is the rest timer that starts for every athlete as soon as they finished their set. This helps to keep everyone accountable to the prescribed rest times which is an important part of our training with athletes. 

Beast: What are you favorite features about Beast?

SK: Hard to pick one. I really like the spider web diagram as it is very easy to understand for the athlete and keeps up the motivation. Also the magnetic function is perfect. And the overall usability is unmatched, very detailed yet quick and easy to use. 

As a S&C Coach, why and how is Beast important in your athletes development?

SK: As a S&C Coach every data set I can gather on the performance of my athletes is valuable. Beast allows me to have detailed data on workload, progress, and also fatigue of every individual without having to track everything myself. How could I not love this?



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