Improvements in the Beast App UI


Here at Beast Technologies we believe Instant Live Feedback is a key feature in our application.

We pride on displaying the values of the repetition as soon as it is marked and we believe this feature give the user many noticeable advantages:

– Real Live Feedback  pumps you for the next rep. If you hit a low value, you’re coming back for revenge on the next rep. If you hit a good value, it’s never enough! You always get one more rep! This works for every exercise!

– Complete “Auto regulation” can only happen reading rep infos during the set. Once the set is over, it is too late. If you had 3 reps and you didn’t see any drops  in Bar Speed, you should go on. Otherwise, you should stop. You need to retrieve and process that information at the time of the rep, not later, the last reps are the most critical! For those of you wondering what Autoregulation is, it is simple a strategy aiming to adjust the volume and the intensity of the exercise on-the-go to accomodate to the variance of daily stress agents.

– #knowyourbeast Immediate Feedback promotes self-awareness by helping users associating different feels and changes in techniques with Rep parameters. It is way harder to do that by processing infos at the end of the set. 

These things can only happen if you actually check rep infos just after you hit the rep!

Also, we recognised that under the intense effort of lifting, one is not able to read more than one information.

These reasons are behind our recent improvements in the UI during Live Mode.

UI in version 1.3

Live UI in old iOS version 1.3


A list of the key differences :

– we completely eliminated the Rep infos in the upper part of the screen.

– you can choose the main info displayed now among the last Rep Power, Speed or Strength value. You will see a big value popping out every rep that you can quickly check while you are lifting. By the way, our phone mount dramatically improves the Experience, because it helps holding the phone in front of you during your sets.

– below the main circle, in a smaller font there is now only the BEST value of the exercise which you can check every now and then during your set.

– The grey icon helps you switch from Power to Speed to Strength and we moved it a bit on the side, in a much more comfortable position. Use it at the beginning of the set if you want to switch the info you’re looking for.


Live UI in the new 1.4 iOS version

Live UI in the new 1.4 iOS version


By the way, our phone mount dramatically improves the user experience while you’re lifting. By holding the phone on the the rack you can easily check your results just in front of you and you will reduce the chance of ghost rep marked because you’re waving your hand to get in position to lift. You can buy the phone mount in the accessoy kit here.

We also worked hard on the main issues some customers were experiencing, in particular we improved the stability of the iOS app and the bluetooth connection with some Android devices.

We feel like there are a lot of improvements that can be made and we’re already working on the next app version.

What do you think?








by Ingtommy

Founder, President and CTO of Beast Technologies Aerospace Engineer turned Certified Strength Coach Wide Receiver for Parma Panthers and Italian National Football Team "Lifting is mathematics, physics and biomechanics" cit. Louie Simmons

  • Simon

    Ghost reps cannot be deleted easily.

    I am beginning to get to grips with my new Beast Sensor, following some connectivity problems. It seems that the sensor does not connect with the App running on iOS unless all other Bluetooth devices are disconnected. This is OK, but could be something worthy of consideration in developments.

    However, the biggest problem seems to be with the App. The scroll buttons on the bottom half of the screen (where the bars for individual reps appear) does not seem to work properly, meaning that it is impossible to scroll all the way to the right to see all reps in later sets. This means that it is impossible to delete all ghost reps in a session, which of course means that the statistics which the app displays are not accurate. Furthermore, when the workout is then uploaded, all of the ghost reps are uploaded too. Whilst they can then be deleted individually in the Web Portal, this is very fiddly and it seems to have no effect on the averages displayed on the Web Portal. What this means is that it then becomes impossible to compare different training sessions to see any improvement, because the data from the ghost reps corrupts the collective data.

    I would suggest that improving the App by an update to solve the problem of not being able to delete all ghost reps should be made a priority.

    I offer this suggestion in the interests of improving your product. It has great potential, but currently this problem is affecting its overall usefulness.

    • Hello Simon, we appreciate your feedback, thank you!

      We listened to your suggestions and we’ve already taken care of these issues, you will be able to enjoy the results soon in the next app version!

      Keep an eye on our blog next week we’ll be posting an article listing all the improvements and the new features coming in Beast 2.0!