How To Use the Beast App


In recent articles we have talked in depth about Beast 2.0 and all the new features the App can do. But how can you make the most of your experience with the Beast App?

Well I am here to help!

Once in the app after signing in, simply choose an exercise from the list in the app. Next tap on the type of work out you want to do. *Hint, if you are not sure there is a grey question mark by each selection that will give you info on the type of training. There is also the ‘Performance Mode’ which is free training for those who want to set a base line or free train with no specific guidelines.

App ?

Select your weight for the exercise and tap ‘Start’.

The countdown timer will begin giving you time get in position to smash some weight!

Once the lift is complete you can tap on the grey pencil to get more data.

For example tap on the grey pencil next to reps, here you can delete and see max velocity for every rep completed.

This is a great feature that allows you to drill down on data in the app. For full data analysis and more information, as well as looking at historical data, open up your workouts in the web portal.

App Pencil

*TIP: if the exercise you want is not in the list, by using the ‘Web Portal’ you can create your own workouts with whatever you want to train, then use performance mode to track (or you can use any other mode), my favorite is creating workouts and using ‘Performance Mode’ to play with the data and see how I perform on a given exercise on a given day.

Make sure to save your workouts so you can compare them and see trends in the ‘Web Portal’. If you are serious about making gains in the weight room, or become more explosive on the playing field, or you just want to get healthier using Beast, the ‘Web Portal’ is where you will find all the tools needed.

Hope this helps!

If you have any questions or would like to give feedback post in the comments section or email, we would love to hear from you! Also go and rate us in the app stores as well.

Have a great workout and #KnowYourBeast.


by RobbyNap

Midwest boy from the USA and a lover of travel, coffee, and whiskey. I am excited by all things sports related and marketing. Former Division III Collegiate Athlete from Simpson College, Semi Pro Football Player for the Des Moines Blaze, and currently coaching American Football for the Milano Seamen. Passionate about life, family, and lifting. I have a degree in Marketing with a Minor in Exercise Science, as well as completing a Master's in International Marketing Management in Milano.