How to run faster: running tips



A lot of sports require you to run correctly and fast: having a good rhythm and being able to do intense sprints can be very important to have good results in your favorite sport.

Here we give you some simple running tips:

Measure your starting skills. As first important step choose a distance and keep track of your best time you take to run it. Like every time you want to achieve a goal, you need to know whats your starting point and work from that: a good idea is to choose both long and short distances and take note of your results.

Your running technique is the key : preserve the correct angle of the torso while running is essential to be able to sprint and accelerate properly.

It’s important to pay attention to these things:

  • control your arms while running: arms must support your movement not obstruct it!
  • check your posture: especially when you starting to get tired your torso can assume an incorrect posture inclination. Your running posture is essential to keep your movements smooth during running.
  • look forward: keep the eyes always forward (100-150 meters), this will help you to maintain a correct posture

During your training test yourself with different conditions and intensity: combine jogging with sprints also on different slopes (running hills could be very useful, building leg and lung strength).

Remember you must not allow your muscles get used with the training or you will stop to improve your skills.

Other than the technique you should increase your explosive strength, these are the best exercises for that:

• Squat jumps
• Front jump

Remember always to stretch yourself at the end of the training to improve your muscle flexibility and reduce the risk of accidents.

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