How Technologies Will Change the Fitness World


Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious athlete, your coach or trainer is there to help you achieve your goals. These people teach good habits and continually push the limits of performance by combining both psychological guidance and a though regimen of physical training. But even the best coach can follow you always and most of the times can’t see everything, there are a number of things that are not visible to the human eye. This is where technology and especially wearable technology comes in help, by providing the coach and the athlete with the tools to see beyond their first impressions and understand better the performance.

Technology has made a big step forward in the fitness market, devices to measure performance were a luxury goods available only to university and specialized training labs. Today you can find on the market a wide variety of devices or applications that will soon replaced expensive equipment. In running, technology has already become indispensable to monitor performance and as a motivation tool, performance watches and GPS trackers are must haves for runners. Most fitness apps are able to count your calories, heart rate and activity throughout the whole day by using the sensors inside your smartphone or external devices, called fitness trackers. Soon wearable technology will be able to access your training logs and medical profiles to suggest you ways to improve your health and eating habits.


Technologies besides improving dramatically the quality and the effectiveness of training, bring also a component of fun and engagement that enhance the overall experience in the gym.
At Beast we tried to combine both things, the high end sensor technology with an interactive and user friendly application. It’s not all about the metrics that are shown on the screen, but also on the experience of training together a digital companion.
Beast follows you closely during your training session, yellow bars will appear after each repetition is completed. In addition to counting the reps, the yellow bars will help you understand if you are producing enough power or moving fast enough to improve the correct strength trait.

There are many theories and training methods out there, some are reliable and others are not, Beast is not a new training method but simply a tool that will help you track your progresses and finally understand if the plan you are following is correct for you, or you need to try something different. This affordable technology can help people that not have access to fancy training facilities analyse the appropriate variables to evaluate their progresses, not just repetitions number and loads.


by tommyrondi

Huge fan of the Beast Sensor, I have been involved with sports all my life, first as an athlete and later as a coach. I worked as alpine skiing coach for four years and played in the Italian national lacrosse team. "work hard, play hard"