Featured Team: Parma Panthers Train with Beast on Quest for Italian Super Bowl


Beast is a Proud Training Partner of the Parma Panthers American Football Team of the Italian Football League

Ever read the book Playing for Pizza by John Grisham? If you have then you have heard about the Parma Panthers. Parma is located in the Northern Part of Italy just south of Milan in the Emilia- Romagna region know for famed ‘Parmesan Cheese’ and ‘Parma Ham’, but what many don’t know is that it is home to a well known and successful American Football Team in the Italian Football League.

The Panther’s founded in 1980 are seeking their 7th straight IFL Super Bowl Appearance. Parma won the IFL Super Bowl in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (over the Milano Seamen) and then lost to the Milano Seamen in 2014 and 2015. Parma has a plethora of talent and primed for another deep run as they beat Firenze Guelfi in the 1st round of the IFL Playoffs and face the Bolzano Giants, Sunday June 26th, a rematch of last years semi final match up.

The Panther’s have had another great year with ONE GOAL in mind, to bring home another Italian Football League Super Bowl Title!
Beast is proud to be a training partner of the Parma Panther’s and wish them luck on their quest.

We were able to catch up with a few of the Parma players after the game and ask them some questions about how their training with Beast has helped prepare them for the season, as well as, stay fresh throughout the season.

Tommaso Finadri, WR, 6


Matteo Froldi, LB, 50


Dario JJ Amato, TE, 82


Andrea Bonato, OL, 65


Massimiliano Spaggiari, DB, 22


Franco Pedrotti, OL, 69


Beast: How has training with Beast prepared you for the season?

  • Tommaso: Beast was a key factor during the pre-season but most of all during the season as I worked and traveled a lot and programming loads for my workouts was becoming almost impossible. During the pre-season I could easily see I was working in the right direction and measure my improvements. In season I was able to still improve my athletic performances and avoid over fatiguing myself just by “regulating” my sessions on the go using speed as a reference.
  • Matteo: Training with Beast helped me to improve my self in the weaknesses like velocity and Strength. Thanks to the app I could see in real time the parameters that I’ve reached with pulling up the weights and be aware of what I could increase or decrease the weight to reach the ideal target zone recommended by the app.
  • Dario: In pre season I used the beast to the part of preparation dedicated to speed, while the strength I managed “traditionally”, after the new update I use it, in fact, I feel absolutely naked without
  • Andrea: It helped me prepare for the season but motivating and keeping me on track to gain mass and strength to handle the long grinding season as an Offensive Lineman.
  • Massimilano: It was good training with beast, I had a very clear idea of how much intensity being used in training and with the different modes is even more useful because it helps to understand if the chosen weight is too high or too low.
  • Franco: Using beast I can see the improvements and the intensity with which I workout and this has helped me to improve my physical preparation for the season.

Beast: How has training with Beast help you while in season?

  • Parma Players: The biggest advantage of Beast is that it helped us as players prepare and allow us to train in season to maximize our workouts without burning up our central nervous system and keep us game ready.

Beast: What is your favorite NFL Team?

  • Tommaso: New England Patriots
  • Matteo: New York Giants
  • Dario: Green Bay Packers
  • Andrea: New England Patriots
  • Massimiliano: San Francisco 49ers
  • Franco: Chicago Bears

Beast: Who is your favorite player and why?

  • Tommaso: JJ Watt because you just cannot out work him.
  • Matteo: Luke Kuechly because he always plays to his fullest extent and does everything to support his team in every play. Also because to me he is one of the best tacklers in the league.
  • Dario: Jerry Rice, because despite all the records, he was always the first to start training and the last to leave. The fact that he was able to compete at such a high level until 40 is amazing. 
  • Andrea: Tom Brady because there is no other player like him
  • Massimiliano: Rob Gronkowski, he does not play in my favorite position, but is in my opinion one of the best athletes and knowing all the injuries that he has underwent and is still able to compete at the way he does is an inspiration!
  • Franco: Mike Alstott for the strength and malice with which he ran and he was an unstoppable train.

Beast: What is your best sports memory with the Panthers? 

  • Tommaso: I have some great memories like 3 Italian National Championships, the last second victory versus England at the European Championship, but I think the most amazing one has yet to come. 
  • Matteo: Personally my best sports moment was winning the Italian Championship in 2013 with the young team (under 19) of the Parma Panthers in Milan. We started the season with a lot of insecurities and grew throughout the season as we won all the matches against all odds
  • Dario: My magic moment was scoring against Bergamo Lions to beat them against a great defense lead by their Americans. It was one of my best games and it was great to get the compliments on the Lions web site. A great satisfaction!
  • Andrea: Italian Super Bowl 
  • Massimiliano: My most beautiful moment of sport? It’s not easy but, I would say to set foot on the field of the Super Bowl the first year that I joined the Panthers was an unmatched emotion despite losing, that game will always remain in my head and that is the time where I recorded an interception in my first Super Bowl.
  • Franco: My first Italian Super Bowl in which I participated and I won with Parma Panthers in 2012.

You can follow the Parma Panthers at their website www.panthers.it or on Facebook: Parma Panthers

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