Featured Athlete: Matt Scott- Glory of Gold and Back to the Grind


Beast Sponsored Athlete Matt Scott and Team USA had an incredible showing at the Paralympics in Rio and took home Gold! Matt is now back to the grind in Italy where he plays professionally in Sardegna, Italy for GSD Porto Torres.

Matt Scott is not only known for his relentless training and performance on the court, but he is known for his charismatic personality off the court. Matt has been involved as part of the Nike “no excuse campaign” and was nominated for an ESPY Award. Among other accolades and dominating on the court and in the gym, Matt has been featured in magazines such as Men’s Fitness, Dime Magazine, and SLAM.

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We are excited to get to catch up with Matt in between transitions from Rio to Italy as his season just started.

Beast: Matt, first off, Congratulations, tell us what was it like winning Gold? 

MS: Winning the gold medal this summer at the Rio Paralympic games… this is the ultimate dream becoming a reality! Being a Paralympic Gold Medalist was in fact my biggest athletic goal, and to see it come to fruition was very emotional for me. All the work and sacrifice that the team put forth to accomplish such an amazing feat. All the years of hard work and dedication, and we all now have a symbol of what that hard work leads to!

Beast: What was the best part of the whole Games experience?

MS: The best part was the brotherhood we created on the team. We all had each other’s backs and really put all of our effort into this for each other. Having been to the Paralympics before and knowing the feeling of being defeated, the overwhelming feeling of redemption is amazing. The losses taken in the past made this so much more sweet! Being able to put your countries name across your chest and winning the highest honor in your sport is something that I’m not sure I can accurately describe, but it damn sure feels good!

Beast: What did you do after to celebrate? 

I Face-timed my mom! I laughed. I teared up. I relished in the moment. I made sure to appreciate that night to the absolute fullest! I wore my medal around my neck for 2 days straight!

Beast: Ha well deserved, we wouldn’t blaming you for wearing it for weeks!

How are you preparing/prepared for this season that just started? 

MS: It is a lengthy season and my goal is to keep pushing myself to becoming stronger physically, mentally and more skilled day by day and really apply myself to improve throughout the season. My training on the court and in the gym has intensified. This is why tools like the Beast Sensor are so valuable in my training so I can always monitor my progress and aim to be better.

Beast: What are your goals both personally and professionally this season? 

MS: I would like to learn Italian! This is a big personal goal of mine. Professionally my goal is represent my team to the best of my ability. Off the court professionally I would like to connect with people that see my vision of furthering the sport and create opportunities for wheelchair basketball players in the future. 

Beast: What do you think sets your training apart from others? 

MS: One thing that sets my training apart from anyone else is that I’m not competing with anyone else. I am competing against myself and doing everything I can to be the best athlete that I can be.

Beast: Do you have any big travel plans this year? 

MS: Not at the moment, but I do really love to travel and explore places I’ve never seen. 

It’s because of partnerships like the one I have with Beast technologies that help provide me with the tools and motivation needed to succeed athletically. I’m grateful to have the support of the team.

Congrats to Matt and Team USA and good luck this season!

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Make sure to follow Matt Scott’s Journey on his socials:

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