Featured Athlete: Martina Marson- Free Style Wrestler, Powerlifter, and Trainer


Beast is excited to announce that we are an official training partner of Martina Marson. We are proud to be side by side in our mission; innovating the world of training, ensuring every serious Weightlifter, Athlete or Trainer enjoys our new powerful tool to enhance their training performance.

Martina a former kick boxer, is a trainer and is also ‘taking down’ her next challenge by training for wrestling. Not only is she a talented trainer and athlete, she is a regular guest blogger here at Beast! Martina has a mission to help inspire, teach, and train people on the advantages of Velocity Based Training or VBT, and how it can be used to maximize potential.

We were able to catch up with Martina and interview her on how she uses Beast Sensor as an athlete and a trainer before she headed to Rimini Wellness last week where she is also being featured as an athlete. Rimini Wellness is the largest global event of health and fitness.

Beast: Give our readers an overview of your background?

Martina: Well, I have always done sports since I was child. When I was 17 I started to practice kick boxing (point fighting and light contact) and I completely fell in love with it. I became a Black Belt in 4 years and then become an instructor.

I competed in both National and International Tournaments and I wore the Italian National Uniform in European and World Wako Championships. I won the Bronze Medal in both European and World Championships as well as winning multiple Italian Titles in both styles.

As far as my professional background goes, I graduated with a Degree in Motor Sciences and I train people full time.

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Beast: What are you currently training for as your next athletic adventure?

Martina: Right now I am learning free style wrestling and train as part of one of the best powerlifting teams in Italy called “Toplifters Milano”.

They help me for the strength programs, but my training programs are mostly functional for wrestling.

I love wrestling because it is a discipline where athletes have to be flexible, strong, powerful, resistant and smart.

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Beast: How do you use Beast in your training cycles?

Martina: I am using Beast Sensor to set the loads of my training in weight room, to check my conditions and track my trainings. I think that VBT could represent a next phase in strength and conditioning world, where the importance of technology is becoming greater every day.

I am grateful that the Beast Sensor gives me the chance to study VBT and use it to improve my training both professionally and personally.

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Beast: Are you training clients with Beast? If so how do you use it?

Martina: As personal trainer I work in a gym that is called PlusOne Gym Concept, where I have almost all of my workouts. Currently I use Beast Sensor with my clients, who are not athletes so they don’t have a true consciousness of their bodies and capacities. Beast is useful because it helps me to have real feedback of their fitness state and they love it because it motivates them to push and achieve their goals!

The greatest part is that my clients are not athletes. They are regular gym goers who want to loose weight, gain mass, or just become healthier. I am always trying to educate them on physical education and how it can help them.

Beast: As a contributor what do you want to convey to your audience?

Martina: This is the first experience as a blogger and I found out that for me, it has become a great stymulus to study and elaborate new information.

Beast team is also inspiring me, through their commitment and passion.

Beast: How or what do you hope to educate and inspire?

Martina: With my contribution in the Beast Blog I hope to help in informing people about the advantages of VBT, but what I’d like the most is inspiring Italian people to open their mind to new methodology and apply a more scientific approach. I also hope to inspire people to care about their health and the overall benefits of working out.

We appreciate Martina taking time to speak with us as well as be a great valuable partner to Beast. You can check out all of Martina’s articles on the blog as well as following her online:

Instagram: martywonderpower

Twitter: @gm_marson

Be on the lookout soon for more Featured Athletes, Coaches, and Teams that use Beast Sensor everyday to improve and optimize their training!


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