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Arne Hendriks is a Performance Analyst and Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Dutch Men’s Volleyball Team, you can follow the team on Instagram @lange_mannen. Arne has a Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Human Movement Science and is currently working on my NSCA-CSCS. The Dutch National Volleyball team implemented Beast Sensor into their training over the summer and have been seeing great success in both their training as well as transforming that to great success on the court!


What is the basic training philosophy with your team? 

AH: There are no shortcuts, train hard and take responsibility for your own development. This means that players execute the strength program we have developed, and they are also responsible for any additional work advised by the physiotherapist or S&C trainer to improve on any weak areas.  

Our program is split 70% on (volley)ball training and 30% physical training in the gym. In the Juniors program this is a 60/40 split. Our National Team, during the International Season, trains 3 days in a row, with 1 rest day in between. Every first and third day we have weight training, whole body workout. The second day we start with athletics training, to enhance mobility, flexibility, agility, coordination and endurance. After weight training athletes have a protein packed lunch and go to bed to recover. During the season, we test 1RM and Power for optimal training loads. We start the season with basic schedules for hypertrophy, go on with maximal strength as long as possible and during the game period we do a lot of power and power-speed, alternated with maximal strength.

What Sport Specific drills etc?

AH: Main drills are the Deep Squat, Clean/Snatch, Benchpress (with bar or dumbbells), and Bent Over Row. We add in accessories based on the period and which training phase we are in. During the maximal and power phase, we have also some transfer exercises with the volleyball, like smashing after medicine ball throw.

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What are you using Beast to measure?

AH: Beast gives us the ability to give players insight on their performance day by day without having to deal with long set up times. We try to replace loads by velocities, as speed or velocity is more important in ball sports. This is very difficult as this is very new, so therefore we coach a lot on power. We use Beast Sensor to motivate the players having a high and stable  power output during their sets and reps. Over the weeks, we try to enhance the power of the players and Beast is giving us great feedback to do this!

How has Beast been implemented into weekly/daily training cycles?

AH: Our team cycles out players throughout the Season and Championship and we carry 18 players on the roster during the season. Due to budgets, we opted for 10 Beast Sensor’s, 1 per 2 Athletes. The players use Beast Sensor with their own smartphones to track their workouts. In the training plan, we give personal loads to the players, and since we have implemented Beast, we now also provide them with velocity goals/margins so they can train optimally.

Our main base is to main a stable power output throughout the sets. Our goal is to maximize power on each set and keep it stable set over set.

How has Beast help to improve your athletes workouts?

AH: Since we have implemented Beast, our athletes are more aware of the training phase they are in. They are pushing harder at the end of the sets and trying to finish the last reps as fast as possible instead of only just finishing. Therefore, physiological stimulus will be a little higher, which results in stronger athletes who know how to work hard and don’t take shortcuts, which is a part of our training philosophy.

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What are you favorite features about Beast?

AH: The direct feedback of speed or power during exercises is very useful to motivate the players and to check if they are on the right track. Reviewing the power over the sets or weeks is useful to evaluate the progression of the player and the training program.

As a S&C Coach, why and how is Beast important in your athletes development?

AH: In volleyball and during ball sports in general, it’s very important to have high power outputs on medium and lower resistances, so speed is important as this will result in high impulses on the ball. Therefore, knowing that you are training on the right velocity with the right loads is very important.

Any additional comments or notes related to Volley and lifting?

AH: Jumping, diving, smashing are eminently movements which emit power. Therefore, I think in volleyball (Olympic) weightlifting is more common compared to other ball sports, because in volleyball the need of power is more visible. Strength training will not only make athletes stronger, it helps also to win longer matches as players have better endurance and mental power. Therefore, a sport specific and personalized real weightlifting program, based on Olympic lifts, is necessary. This is not common in ball sports, where simplified programs are used most of the time, while real weightlifting programs can make the difference during the big points.


We look forward to seeing the continued success from the Dutch National team, make sure your follow their journey through Instagram!


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