How Celebrity Trainer Alex Isaly uses Beast


Recently the Beast Team had the chance to talk with Celebrity Trainer Alex Isaly about the future of wearables in Fitness and how he uses Beast Sensor with his clients and personally!

Alex has spent the last 20+ years as an elite athlete, celebrity and master trainer/coach, international fitness program developer/presenter, public speaker, certified nutritionist and author. He finds his passion and life’s purpose in helping people live a prosperous healthy and active life.


Alex believes that everyone is capable of overcoming life’s obstacles and reaching personal greatness. He truly believes that everyone is given one of the greatest gifts in life and that is the ability to inspire and change someone else’s life. It’s with this gift that drives Alex every day to touch the lives of as many people as possible. He is grateful for all of the challenges and opportunities that he has been given and uses them to make a difference.

Alex has impacted thousands of people through his national and global fitness programs: NBC’s Radius, KettleWorX® and R.I.P.P.E.D. – The One Stop Body Shock®.

He has also been a go-to for personal fitness training, consulting, product development, educational programming to fortune 500 companies and celebrity clients such as; Andre Agassi, Gil Reyes, Dan O’Brien, ASICS, BILT By Agassi and Reyes, BowFlex, Sproing Fitness, UFC Gym, ARQ^EX and NIKE/Microsoft (Kinetic Training).

Alex currently sits on the IDEA Health and Fitness Association Advisory Board that serves over 250,000 fitness professionals and 10,000 clubs from over 80 countries.

He has appeared on NBC Sports Network, The TODAY Show, Discovery Channel, Hallmark’s Home and Family, The Talk, Jimmy Kimmel Live, King 5 NBC Good Day Seattle and CNN News. Alex has also been a contributor to several national and international publications, such as, SHAPE Magazine, Men’s Health (US and UK), Men’s Fitness, OXYGEN Magazine, and American Fitness.

Beast: Alex how do you use Beast both personally and professionally?

AI: I believe EVERYONE needs to train with a purpose, whether it’s for performance or body transformation. Using the Beast technology allows me to continuously set and re-establish baseline performance and progress goals. From personal experience with my own training and training my clients, I know that every BODY is different in the way they respond to exercise and training. What Beast technology allows me to do is provide a customized program so I that know that progress is being made. Without quantitative data that shows me that, I feel like I am working in the dark and am constantly playing the guessing game. Beast removes the unknown! 

 Beast: What features does Beast provide that you see are very intuitive and that you think make it most effective?

AI: My top 4 features that I really like about Beast are:

  1. The web-portal allows me to design and schedule all workouts. The customization of exercises is perfect for creating any type of training program and the schedule feature is great for establishing a structured short, and long, term training program.
  2. I can design workouts for my clients and I don’t have to be present when they train. I can send them their workout and then review the data to see how they did and if I need to make changes. This gives me the ability to expand and grow my client base from any where….I am not confined to just my gym. From a business standpoint this is great to help drive revenue.
  3. I love the ability to be able to set the parameters of how the data should be captured. For example, you can select the data to be recorded to track performance versus power. Just one more feature that allows me to truly design a custom program. 
  4. This is probably my favorite feature and it’s for those who don’t have a training partner/personal trainer and typically train by themselves. Most people train in a ‘reserved’ mode, or don’t know how strong they really are, and don’t train to their full capacity when it comes to strength training. Beast removes a lot of the unknown by establishing baseline conditions with each exercise and in a sense gives you more confidence knowing that your capable of performing at your max because the data says so.

Beast: With your background and the Advisory Boards you sit on, what do you see is the future of Wearable Strength Tracking?

I think ‘wearable’s’ are the future of fitness. We have seen this market explode over the last couple of years and I think we are only at the forefront of what’s to come with this technology. Wearable’s do several things to take training to another level:

  1. Holds you accountable to your performance quantitatively.
  2. Gives you real time data and answers the question of “Am I giving 100% with exercise and workout?”
  3. As I mentioned above, there is no guessing game on how you are performing with a wearable. The data doesn’t lie.
  4. Beast is very unique in sense that it allows you to not only track strength but also agility and speed. Knowing that you can monitor strength real time can be a confidence builder when it comes to seeing true gains right in the palm of your hands.

It was great to talk training with Alex and chat about Beast, Fitness and Strength Trackers, as well as tips and tricks of training. If you haven’t already make sure to check out Alex Isaly at:

Website: Alex Isaly

Instagram: @alex_isaly

Twitter: @Alex_Isaly

Facebook: @alexisalyfitness


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