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How To: Create a Workout using Beast

One of the great features of using Beast Sensor is that you don’t have to choose from a set list of exercises but that you can create a custom workout tailored to YOUR training goals. To Start: go to and log in using your username and password. This is the dashboard where you can […]

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How To Use the Beast App

In recent articles we have talked in depth about Beast 2.0 and all the new features the App can do. But how can you make the most of your experience with the Beast App? Well I am here to help! Once in the app after signing in, simply choose an exercise from the list in […]

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VBT IS BASED ON THE SPEED OF THE LIFT RATHER THAN THE RELATIVE WEIGHT (1RM%). This training method helps you in auto regulating your training parameters based on your daily conditions. You will be able to easily choose the optimal weights and reps to work at the correct 1RM percentage without the need to estimate or test your 1RM. THEORY International research […]

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How to run faster: running tips

  A lot of sports require you to run correctly and fast: having a good rhythm and being able to do intense sprints can be very important to have good results in your favorite sport. Here we give you some simple running tips: Measure your starting skills. As first important step choose a distance and keep […]

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How to ​improve your vertical jump

You probably will never reach James’s impressive scores but you can increase your vertical leap with few exercises and some constancy. Having strong vertical jump skills could be very important to you, even if you don’t partecipate in a sport that requires leaping ability like basketball or volleyball. In order to increase your vertical jumps you […]

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What is a Superset? Everything you need to know to add a superset to your workout with Beast.

In your training life you must have heard at least once the word superset. It’s often surrounded with an aura of magical powers, like it’s the definitive solution to weak gainz. But what is really a Superset? And how do I incorporate it in my workout routine? From “A superset is a training method […]

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Increase Chest Size with the Bench Press

Improving your technique on the bench may prevent you from shoulder injuries and at the same time increase the weight you can lift. The bench press is a great exercise to increase strength and chest and tricep size, but it’s not always the best exercise for every lifter and unfortunately many of them don’t perform […]

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Are you training with the correct intensity?

Beast provides assistance in weight selection. If you choose an exercise in the “Workout of the Go” mode the Beast App will look into your recorded workouts and retrieve your exercise history. These informations will be used to calculate the correct training ranges of intensity for each kind of Strength. you can check how training […]

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Are you using the right weight?

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Beast to check the load you’re lifting. x Training at the correct Intensity is a key aspect for the efficiency of your workout sessions. Training Intensity = Load lifted / 1RM 1RM stands for 1 Repetition Maximum, or the maximum load you can lift for […]

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Am I doing enough repetitions?

In the tutorial below we’re going to show you how to use Beast to monitor your training Volume. x Training Volume = sets x reps x load lifted Very simply, training Volume is the total amount of Weight you lift for the exercise, it is related to the total number of repetitions and it […]