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Speedy Adjustments for Optimal Training Conditions

In our last article “Velocity vs. Percentage Based Training” we talked about the advantages of using Velocity for setting and programming your training session. As said, Velocity can be used as a thermometer of the state of fitness of an athlete, thanks to its stable relationship with the relative intensity of the concentric phase of […]

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The Importance Of Tracking Sports

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information” – Benjamin Disraeli In my opinion, the importance of information relies in its objectivity: information without knowledge is nothing, but info is a concrete starting point on which you can base your future reasoning. Regarding sport, it’s […]

Simone Spada / LaPresse
15-10-2011 Milano 
Sport Calcio
Milan-Palermo - Serie A Tim 2011/2012
Nella foto: telecamere

Simone  Spada / LaPresse
15-10-2011 Milan (Italy)
Sport Soccer
Milan- Palermo Italian Serie A Soccer League 2011/2012
In the Photo: camera
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Sport 2.0

“It’s no exaggeration that digital technology is transforming the world of sports—boosting fans’ appreciation of games, enhancing athletes’ public profiles, informing athletes’ training methods, even influencing how contests are waged” – Reggie Bradford, Oracle. If we deepen how much technology involves our lives, it could be easy to understand how crucial the provision of technology is […]

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The Empowered Coach: How Technologies Can Help Making Better Decisions

Eddie Jones, Marcello Lippi, Marco Cardinale and many others were the lecturer at the 2015 Festival of Athletics Coaching held in Rome last weekend. I had the luck to participate along the CTO and founder of Beast Technologies Tommaso Finadri who held a panel himself about the growing importance of wearable technologies in coaching and […]