Can Information Motivate Your Training?


There are many aspects that you have to consider while talking about wearable technologies applied to Fitness. Obviously, the key is the information that those devices can provide and how to interpret them to make more efficient your sessions in the weight room.

What is the real value of information? Can analytical information be seen only by the parameter that express or can we expand the range of possible interpretations?

In my opinion there is a hidden value, that concern with the psychological aspect of seeing, for example, how fast you’re “squatting”.

We asked to Lorenzo Moschini, a Collio’s ski club athlete and a special observed by FISI, about how strength tracker devices have improved his training sessions. He said:

Using Beast during my training session was like having a chronometer while I’m skiing; errors are not allowed because you’re under the judgment of the time. Not only during the races, where you obviously have to be perfect, but during the training session as well. Training everyday at your best is the only way to increase concretely your performances, and you can’t do it if you’re not motivated enough. Seeing the “watt” I expressed every rep was pushing me to test how long I could keep that level of performance and even at the last reps where my muscles were asking for mercy, I was trying to push over my limits”.

Lorenzo, as many other athletes like him, have a personal coach who introduced him to strength trackers, to support and improve the quality of his training.

This coach realized that the analytics part of the information that strength trackers provide are crucial for both the athlete and the trainer too, but the “motivational” aspect of the information, spun off from their analytics function, are fundamental to keep the athlete always concentrated and motivated.

Live-Feedback assumes primary importance, because you can push to the limits until you’re still working for the goal you set, without risking injuries. In fact, when you set a specific goal, according to the theme of this article, you’ll be motivated to train to the limits taking care of when you’re not performing anymore in order to achieve the goal you set.

(If you’re training for strength-speed you’ll try to stay in a range of 0.8-1 m/s as long as you can if you’re motivated enough. Therefore, there will surely be a moment when you’ll not be able anymore, and if you keep on training without recovery you’ll start training for another goal, affecting the specific target you set).

For those reasons, we can say that strength trackers whit a live-feedback system can motivate you to train always at your best without missing the specific target of your training.



by alberto.finadri

Sales Consultant and Marketing specialist. I do Crossfit since 2012 but i've played soccer and I skied in competitive categories.