Elements of Training

A Short Guide to Muscle Building

There are three important variables for serious muscle growth, they are: volume, intensity and density. The right combination of these three variables will increase the efficiency of your hypertrophic training, assuring better results. Training with Beast will give you handy access to these three variables, enabling you to adjust your training immediately as you progress and […]

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Elements of Training

Plyometrics: Learn To Jump Higher

Plyometrics refers to jumps training, it enhance traits like explosiveness, power and body control. Plyometrics involves a wide variety of muscles teaching you how to move all your body more aggressively and quickly. There are many different exercises to train jumps, the most common are box jumps, broad jumps and vertical jumps since they are […]

How To’s

Increase Chest Size with the Bench Press

Improving your technique on the bench may prevent you from shoulder injuries and at the same time increase the weight you can lift. The bench press is a great exercise to increase strength and chest and tricep size, but it’s not always the best exercise for every lifter and unfortunately many of them don’t perform […]

Elements of Training

What’s your training goal?

Following up our previous blog entry on Velocity Based Training we take a look at the force velocity curve and how different training traits are positioned along it. As you can see from the graph as the load increases, the velocity, at which is performed the lift, decreases changing the specific trait the athlete is working on. Let’s start from […]