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The Empowered Coach: How Technologies Can Help Making Better Decisions

Eddie Jones, Marcello Lippi, Marco Cardinale and many others were the lecturer at the 2015 Festival of Athletics Coaching held in Rome last weekend. I had the luck to participate along the CTO and founder of Beast Technologies Tommaso Finadri who held a panel himself about the growing importance of wearable technologies in coaching and […]

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What is a Superset? Everything you need to know to add a superset to your workout with Beast.

In your training life you must have heard at least once the word superset. It’s often surrounded with an aura of magical powers, like it’s the definitive solution to weak gainz. But what is really a Superset? And how do I incorporate it in my workout routine? From stack.com: “A superset is a training method […]

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How Wearable Technologies Helped the US Women’s Soccer Team Win the World Cup

The US women’s national team (USWNT) recently won the soccer world cup in Canada defeating Japan in the final and by dominating each game they played. Behind every world-class team there is a team of coaches and trainers dedicated to keeping players healthy through the whole period of competition, to help this highly trained professionals […]