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How To’s

Are you training with the correct intensity?

Beast provides assistance in weight selection. If you choose an exercise in the “Workout of the Go” mode the Beast App will look into your recorded workouts and retrieve your exercise history. These informations will be used to calculate the correct training ranges of intensity for each kind of Strength. you can check how training […]

How To’s

Am I doing enough repetitions?

In the tutorial below we’re going to show you how to use Beast to monitor your training Volume. x Training Volume = sets x reps x load lifted Very simply, training Volume is the total amount of Weight you lift for the exercise, it is related to the total number of repetitions and it […]

How To’s

Are you using the right weight?

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Beast to check the load you’re lifting. x Training at the correct Intensity is a key aspect for the efficiency of your workout sessions. Training Intensity = Load lifted / 1RM 1RM stands for 1 Repetition Maximum, or the maximum load you can lift for […]

How To’s

Beast App Instructions for “Workout on The Go” Mode

A complete tutorial on everything about the Beast App: x always remember to log in with your athlete account. Choose the Training Group. The Wheel in the upper left corner will prompt you to the Settings screen. You have a chance to set up the App by touching the wheel on the upper left […]

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Beast Sensor – Tracks and Improves Workouts

This video shows how you can use the Beast App during your workouts: x Production: IGM Quadra Group PRODUCTION Director: Cristian Mattarei D.O.P.: Alessandro Zonin Leading Camera Operator: Alessandro Zonin Leading Camera Assistant: Paolo Adami Camera Operator: Stefano Adami Assistant: Nicola Veronesi POST-PRODUCTION Editing Supervisor: Cristian Mattarei CGI Production Partner: DarkSide CGI Editor: Simone […]

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Beast Commercial

This video perfectly represent our spirit and our mission: x director: FEDERICO BRUGIA concept: KARIM BARTOLETTI production: FILMMASTER PRODUCTIONS cinematographer: MARCELLO DAPPORTO editor: CECILIA FALSONE post: BAND POSTFACTORY music: APPAREL MUSIC LTD. (Source: