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British Weight Lifting selects Beast Sensor as Official Performance Partner

We are thrilled to announce that BWL, the National Governing Body for Weight Lifting and Paralympic Powerlifting in the UK has selected Beast as official performance partner for the upcoming seasons. Established initially as the British Amateur Weight Lifters’ Association (BAWLA) in 1910, British Weight Lifting is responsible for developing participation and performance across Olympic […]

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Hot news about Beast Sensor!

Growing up is a journey full of obstacles, as a person, as an athlete and as a company. As a tech-software start up our daily challenge is to keep the intense rhythm of updates required to maintain full compatibility with the many different smartphone models out in the market. After 12 months of feedback gathered from […]

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VBT IS BASED ON THE SPEED OF THE LIFT RATHER THAN THE RELATIVE WEIGHT (1RM%). This training method helps you in auto regulating your training parameters based on your daily conditions. You will be able to easily choose the optimal weights and reps to work at the correct 1RM percentage without the need to estimate or test your 1RM. THEORY International research […]

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Beast Sensor Reviews

This space is dedicated to all of you Athletes, Trainers and Gym-goers using Beast for your workouts to let us know your opinions, thoughts and even suggestions for improvements. If you didn’t do it yet, please leave us your review! Insert your review

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Beast Sensor Review: Bicep Curls

If you still wonder how Beast works, here’s a quick review by one of our customers, using the Beast black edition for beta tester. The athlete will perform few reps of bicep curls using just the weight of the barbell itself (12kg). The author of the video is Olivier Bolliet, a French strength and conditioning […]

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Welcome to the Beast blog

We are finally ready to have our own blog, our team of passionate sportsmen will share ideas, suggestions and the latest news about fitness and sports training. The blog will be our connection to the community of users, fans and fitness enthusiasts. Soon we will publish tutorials on how to use Beast when training, we will […]