Elements of Training

Workout Harder or Smarter?

People train for many different reasons, and these reasons point out the difference between a “fitness enthusiast” and an “athlete”. If you train steadily, with diligence, in order to reach goals (not just to vent stress) you must be considered an athlete. One could disagree with my definition, related to training for achieving results, but surely there is something […]

Science in Sports

The Importance Of Tracking Sports

“As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information” – Benjamin Disraeli In my opinion, the importance of information relies in its objectivity: information without knowledge is nothing, but info is a concrete starting point on which you can base your future reasoning. Regarding sport, it’s […]

Simone Spada / LaPresse
15-10-2011 Milano 
Sport Calcio
Milan-Palermo - Serie A Tim 2011/2012
Nella foto: telecamere

Simone  Spada / LaPresse
15-10-2011 Milan (Italy)
Sport Soccer
Milan- Palermo Italian Serie A Soccer League 2011/2012
In the Photo: camera
Science in Sports

Sport 2.0

“It’s no exaggeration that digital technology is transforming the world of sports—boosting fans’ appreciation of games, enhancing athletes’ public profiles, informing athletes’ training methods, even influencing how contests are waged” – Reggie Bradford, Oracle. If we deepen how much technology involves our lives, it could be easy to understand how crucial the provision of technology is […]

Elements of Training

Mental Approach To Training

What is the secret of success? The main difference between someone who succeeds and others who fail lies in the mental approach to life. “I always felt that my greatest asset was not my physical ability, it was my mental ability”– Bruce Jenner This article will analyze in three steps the “stairway to achievement”, demonstrating […]
Beast Interviews

The New Italian Legend, Peter Fill

Beast Technologies would like to congratulate with the new Downhill World Cup Champion Peter Fill for his latest amazing success, achieved in a wonderful season of hard training and determination: with 462 points accomplished with 10 useful results, Peter joined the history, becoming a legend of the Italian sport. For the first time in 50 years an Italian […]

News & Updates

Tracking Unilateral Exercises

What does “unilateral exercise” mean, while training? All the muscles are different, not only because of the way you train them, but also because of everything you do in your daily life. According to this, different muscles have different performances and there’s no way to match the gap but focusing on those differences and working […]