Are you training with the correct intensity?

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Beast provides assistance in weight selection.

If you choose an exercise in the “Workout of the Go” mode the Beast App will look into your recorded workouts and retrieve your exercise history.

These informations will be used to calculate the correct training ranges of intensity for each kind of Strength.

you can check how training ranges are calculated based on 1RM:

Once you have chosen your training goal, you will be prompted into the weight selection screen, where you can enter the desired weight.

On the right of the screen Beast will suggests you notable loads you could use by calculating specific training percentages out of your 1RM,

For example, if your goal is Max Strength and your 1RM is 155kg, Beast will give you some quick selection for 108.5kg (70%1RM), 124kg (80%1RM) and 139.5kg (90%1RM) which are in turn the minimum, the average and the maximum intensities to train max Strength.

Beast Team

by Beast Team

Beast Team is made of aerospace engineers, strength and conditioning coaches and sport enthusiasts who are passionate about technology and its applications to sport and fitness.

  • Andrew Kelly

    Can I tailor the masks to include fields that reflect specific training systems like the Bulgarian method?

    Specifically, basing loading off of a daily minimum and working up to a max in small steps with subsequent back-off sets, or stopping depending on fatigue.

    It would be great if you could work in a heart monitor (HRV) for keeping tabs on fatigue. Bar speed and heart rate variance would be the two most important parameters to monitor.

    • It’s not possible to tailor directly the masks but through the web portal you can set up your workout selecting number of reps and intensity for each set. By measuring bar speed during workout you can monitor fatigue and stop if you realise your workout is not effective for that specific intensity you are targeting.
      We are working on integrating Heart beat monitoring, the sensor already has it inside, we need only to make it work on the software side.

      • Andrew Kelly

        Ok that’s great. But will new features be backwards capable, and if so, will just be a case of patching/updating?

        The initial price includes a year of using the Web portal, how much do subsequent years cost?

        Many thanks and best regards

        • Yes, you just update it on your phone like any other application, and all the new feature will become available.
          One year subscription for the account is only 29$.