Am I doing enough repetitions?


In the tutorial below we’re going to show you how to use Beast to monitor your training Volume.

Training Volume = sets x reps x load lifted

Very simply, training Volume is the total amount of Weight you lift for the exercise, it is related to the total number of repetitions and it is an indicator of how much you’re training.

By choosing “Workout on the go” the target training Volume has default values imposed by your training goal. See below for details:

  • Free mode 24 repetitions
  • Max Strength 10-15-18 repetitions, depends by intensity
  • Hypertrophy, Metabolic, Velocity 30 reps
  • Power, Speed-Strength 24 reps
  • Strength-Speed 18 reps
  • Resistance 40 reps

By choosing “Workout of the Day” the target Volume is completely customisable by the trainer.

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