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Quick guide to the first use of your Beast Sensor



Find out how you can use Beast Sensor to track all exercises



A morning workout in the gym performed with Beast Sensor






Application and Sensor

Maximum distance is 25 meters but to ensure max functionality keep the phone within 10 meters from the sensor.

No, Beast is not waterproof.

Beast tracks Energy Burn and it is measured in KJ.

Beast can monitor all exercises involving vertical movements. You can add a new exercise with the Beast Webportal.

It is up to you, generally we suggest to do type your bodyweight plus the load you are using, if any.

Beast can measure and show both, just select from “settings” the desired option.

The most important parameter measured are power in Watts and speed in m/s of every single rep in order to track your progress and suggest the correct amount of loads, sets and reps to be performed. View all other parameters measured in the Product section of our website.

Yes, before starting the workout is possible to select your training goal in order to optimise your training.

Yes, you can choose between imperial and SI units, just go to settings to select your preferred option.

The battery lasts up to 7 hours of use with a single charge.

You can wear Beast on the wrist, wear it on the body using the Beast vest or use the embedded magnet to attach it where you like.

Before starting the exercise select on what limb you are wearing the sensor, Beast will save the data for each limb. You can switch this every set to have complete data.


Web Portal and Accounts

You can register on the “Login” section of the Beast website.

Go to the “manage” section of your dashboard, select your group and click on invite new user.

This feature has been released for the Trainer version of the product. You can read more about it here

Yes, just send an email to, and we will give you all the info on how to proceed.

No, at the moment is not possible to delete workouts saved from the user dashboard. Send and email to to receive help on this matter.

Go to the “exercise” section of the web portal and click on create a new exercise.

Send an email to if you forgot your password or want to change it.

Yes, create a cycle on the web portal, and add new workouts to it.


Shipping and delivery

Beast has a two year warranty, check the terms and conditions on our website to have more info (

Yes we ship worldwide using DHL express services, if you don’t find your country in our e-commerce platform please contact us at

We refund only products that are defective, check our terms and condition (

This may depend on the country of delivery, usually between 2-5 working days.